Software Products

Software products
of the field of
Transportation Planning

Ramona software products of the field of transportation planning and traffic engineering cover process of data collection to simulation and design various elements of the traffic. A complete loop of the "Recognition" to "Analyze" the traffic flow.


Traffic Management and Analysis Package


Traffic Data Collection


Traffic Sign Design


Traffic flow Analysis

Ri. SA

Road Safety Audit


Package of Asset Management System

Latest blog

When Cars Drive Themselves
21 July 2016

Autonomous cars have arrived — Uber has a fleet operating in Pittsburgh, Google’s parent company is spinning off its driverless car project in a sign

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Activity-based model
30 June 2016

Activity-based models are based on the principle that travel demand is derived from people's daily activity patterns. Activity-based models predict wh

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When to Use Benefit-Cost Analysis
21 July 2016

Economic evaluation (also called appraisal, assessment or analysis) refers to various methods to determine the value of a policy, program or project.

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Reliability of Transit service
20 July 2016

A common theme among articles within TransitWiki is strategies to improve reliability of transit service (see Off-vehicle fare payment, Transit signal

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Ramona Members

Amir Rafe

Co-Founder and CEO "Hard Work beats Talent"

Maryam Ghiassedin

Chairman of the board "..."

Elham Nouraddini Fard

Vice Chairman of the board "Make today your best day"

Pegah Talebian

Manager of Transportation engineering group "Think different, work together"

Ghazaleh Mohseni

Member of Transportation engineering group  "Be ambitious!"

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About Ramouna


Ramona with the aim of organizing a research institute based on creativity and the instability of order activity has to be formally launched in 2015. By using technology, and with the belief that (accuracy and validity) are the two wings fly in the field of engineering sciences, we want to provide admission to the engineering community to continue to move faster than before. Ramona has been formed into several prominent researchers in the field of transportation engineering and programming. 

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